We Promise

Best place to buy a local
Christmas Tree!

Our mission is to offer the freshest, finest quality, locally grown Christmas trees. We promise to provide an easy, convenient and uncomplicated customer experience for the holidays. We are committed to business practices that improve our customers, our farmers, our environment, and our Walddie team. We call our mission "Christmas with CHARACTER". Walddie is the best place to buy a Christmas tree online.

We know a quality Christmas tree is important. We cut down only the finest trees, and each tree is inspected several times before delivery.
Every year thousands of Christmas trees go unsold and are cut down unnecessarily. Since we only cut your tree upon receiving your order, we REDUCE WASTE and avoid cutting down trees that don't have a home. We also only work with farmers that believe in sustainable growing practices. Buying local also means shorter travel distance for your tree!
There are incredible Christmas trees farmers just around your corner. Find your locally grown Christmas tree with Walddie. We travel throughout the United States looking for the best farmers in your region, because we believe in supporting local growers. Not only can you now buy a tree easily online, you can order a tree from your region.
We promise that your Christmas tree is cut fresh, just days before your scheduled delivery date. That way, you get the freshest tree possible, it's as if you had cut it yourself.
Getting your Christmas tree home couldn't be easier. We offer FREE DELIVERY to your front door!