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The charm of having a real Christmas tree in your house is hard to replicate with artificial trees; however, there are several concerns that come with having a real Christmas tree. One of the biggest concerns is how to get rid of the tree when the season is over. Getting rid of a Christmas tree can be a massive pain, but with a Christmas tree removal service, you can save yourself time and the headache of needing to do something with your old tree. Walddie can offer you quality Washington, DC, Christmas tree removal.

Christmas Tree Chaos

When the new year comes, the business of the holiday season carries into the new year. You have to go back to work, take kids back to school, and continue to balance all the areas of your life. No matter what you have to balance, taking down the Christmas decorations and removing the tree can add to the post-Christmas chaos. This task can be particularly difficult in urban settings, but Walddie has solutions. If you’re in the DC area and want a service that can deliver and remove trees, we can help you.

We Offer Christmas Tree Disposal and More!

One of our most important services is Christmas tree removal. Certain packages include Christmas tree removal. While most cities offer programs and services for Christmas tree removal, these services require you to put in more effort. All you have to do is undecorate your tree, and we can take care of the rest— no worries, no hassles, no waiting for the city to collect your tree or having to haul it away yourself.

Not only do we take the tree away, but we ensure that we use the most sustainable techniques. We often utilize your area’s disposal agency. Environmental disposal options allow trees to return to the soil in a three-year process. From the time we plant a tree to the time we take it away, we are conscious of the care and impact of that tree.

Call Walddie for Xmas Tree Removal in DC

If you are interested in DC tree removal, call us, and we can discuss the packages we offer that include this service. We are also happy to answer any additional questions you may have about our tree removal policies and offerings.


The following questions are some common concerns and questions that people have when buying Christmas trees and considering how they are going to remove them from their homes.

Can you remove a Christmas tree?

Yes, Walddie’s does remove trees as part of our White Glove Services. You can contact us if you are interested in our tree removal.

Where and how do I recycle a Christmas tree?

If you want to recycle your tree in DC, collection usually occurs at the same time as trash pickups for the first couple of weeks of January. Other counties in the DC metropolitan area may have slightly different collection times, so you will have to check with your municipality. When these trees are collected, they are then recycled and used for compost.

People in DC can also bring trees or other greenery to transfer stations in DC.

Walddie’s also uses sustainable, environmentally friendly tree removal methods when we pick up trees for our clients, so we can offer ease without sacrificing ethical tree disposal.

When recycling trees, you should always ensure the lights and decorations are off the tree. Do not wrap the tree in a plastic bag.

Can I put my Christmas tree on the curb?

Yes, you can put your tree on the curb with the trash on designated days during the first few weeks after Christmas. The trees are removed free of charge.

Can I put a Xmas tree in the green bin?

Yes, in areas that collect green bins, you can cut up your tree into pieces and put them into a green bin to be collected. However, usually, there are easier Christmas tree collection services you can use that don’t require so much effort and can accomplish the same means.

Is it illegal to nurn your Christmas tree?

It is not a good idea to burn your Christmas tree. While it may seem appropriate to use wood by burning it, the consequences may be more severe than you realize. For one, the smoke from the tree can be toxic, so you don’t want to breathe in the fumes from a burning Christmas tree.

Additionally, a well-watered tree may be moister than you thought, which can create creosote when you burn your tree. Creosote can cause a buildup in your fire that can catch on fire.

Finally, the needles can cause a fire to emit sparks. These sparks may be hard to control and can set other things on fire. Thus, burning a Christmas tree is not worth the risk.

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