Christmas Tree Removal Service NYC

Christmas Tree Removal Service NYC

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Christmas in New York is a magical time of year, but it also comes with a lot of challenges. The Christmas rush is exhilarating and gives you a chance to spend time with family and friends. A real tree is a perfect way to enjoy a holiday season, but when the season comes to an end, you will need an NYC removal service to help you get the tree out of your house. Walddie can help you accomplish that goal in a way that is sustainable and easy.

Tis the Season

Every holiday season comes with a long list of things to do. But even when the Christmas rush is through, you may have a lot to balance! Getting back into the swing of things after Christmas is over means that you may have more things to do rather than fewer things to do when the New Year hits. Unfortunately, this means you may struggle to get your Christmas tree down and out of your house. It’s not quite as fun taking it down as it is putting it up, after all.

We Offer Christmas Tree Disposal and More!

Our services make the Christmas season as easy as possible. We want to help people ease the hecticness of the holiday season so they can spend more time enjoying it with their loved ones. We’ll take care of the tree, and you can take care of the rest.

While Walddie focuses on delivering trees to people to make the season more festive, we also offer tree removal with our White Glove Services. These offerings make it easy for our customers to celebrate the holidays without worrying about having to get rid of their trees when the festivities are all done.

Tree removal is important and is an often forgotten part of the Christmas tree process, and we strive to remove trees with as much care as we show when we deliver trees.


The following questions are some of the more common questions people have to ask. If you have further questions about our services and tree removal in NYC, you can contact us.

Can You Remove a Christmas Tree?

We deliver the freshest trees we can so they can last through the season, but too quickly, the season ends, and it is time to get rid of the trees. For those who order packages that include tree removal, we can remove the trees and take the trees to be recycled.

Easy Way to Get Rid of Your Old Christmas Tree

The easiest way to get rid of your old Christmas tree is to get a tree disposal service to do it for you because you don’t have to do any of the lifting or maneuvering of the tree yourself. All you have to do is take the decorations off, and removal services like ours can handle the rest. It’s as easy as that!

Where and How Do I Recycle a Christmas Tree?

If you want to recycle your Christmas tree, there are several ways you can go about this. Generally, for the first two weeks after the new year, the city will have a pick-up service, and they will take the tree to be repurposed as mulch. NYC Parks also has MulchFest, where people can take their trees and bring home mulch. If you do not get your tree out by the time the city stops offering tree pick-up, you can take it to be mulched by someone with a woodchipper. Additionally, pick-up services like ours will make sure the tree is sustainably disposed of.

When should I throw out my Christmas tree?

The first two weeks of January are generally the time when people get rid of their Christmas trees. This aligns with the times when the city picks up Christmas trees. Some people wait a little longer before getting rid of their Christmas tree, and some like to get rid of the Christmas tree in late December. While certain times are more common to get rid of a tree, the choice is up to you when you get rid of your tree.

Call Walddie for Xmas Tree Removal in NYC

Have you avoided getting a real tree because you don’t want to get rid of it? Do you think real trees aren’t worth all that effort? Well, when you experience our easy tree removal service, you will realize that tree removal doesn’t have to be so bad.

If you are concerned about tree removal in NYC and what we offer, you can call us. We can help you make the necessary arrangements and know our policies and what to expect during the process. We’re happy to tend to your needs and solve any logistical problems you may have when it comes to Christmas tree removal.

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