Real Christmas Tree Delivery in Washington, DC

Live Christmas Trees Delivery Service in Washington, DC

The Christmas holidays are one of the best times of the year, and the more convenient it is for you to get a tree, the better it is. Of course, nothing beats having a live Christmas tree in your living room during this time. The smell of the pine and the beauty of a real-life Christmas tree elevates the experience of the holiday season.

Getting a Christmas tree is no easy task, however. Even once you travel out to a tree farm, cutting it down and getting it home could damage the tree, especially if you’re tying it to the top of your car for a long drive back to the city.

Washington DC Christmas Tree Delivery

Try having your Christmas tree delivered right to your front door for the holiday season. It’s so simple. Walddie does all the leg work, finding the environmentally-friendly Christmas tree farms in your area, then delivering them for free to your home. Add on White Glove Service and let us set up your tree in a stand with a skirt in your living room.

When we do Christmas tree delivery in Washington, DC, we carefully cut and transport your hand-selected tree. There’s no strapping it to the top of a vehicle and speeding down the highway and jostling it into a warehouse. At Walddie, we make sure to take care of each tree, no matter how far away it’s going.

Best Christmas Tree Delivery in Washington, DC

It’s easy to find the farmer in your area and begin searching for your next Christmas tree. Choose the species and the height that’s perfect for your living room, and we find the tree you’re looking for and bring it right to you. We source farms that treat their trees with special care and attention to ensure that they are the highest quality Christmas trees in Washington, DC.

 Still not sure about buying your Christmas tree and having it delivered to you in Washington, DC? Give us a call and let us help you better understand our process! We do our best to make it a convenient and effective way to bring Christmas cheer to your home with an easy and high-quality Washington, DC Christmas tree delivery.