Buy Christmas Trees in the Hamptons

Sustainable, Ethical Christmas Tree Delivery in the Hamptons

Going out to the local tree lot or a corner stand vendor to pick your Christmas tree can be fun, but have you thought about the sustainability of purchasing a tree this way? And where is the nostalgia in settling for a plastic tree?

A certain number of Christmas trees in the Hamptons are cut down every year, regardless of how many people stop by the lot and take one home. That means a single lot will end up throwing away quite a few trees at the end of the season that should never have been cut down in the first place. Now consider tree lots all across the country do the same thing every season, and you are probably as alarmed as we were when we started

A different way to do Hamptons Christmas Tree Delivery

Instead of cutting down trees and waiting for you to place your order, we only cut trees after an order is placed online. That means every single tree we cut down has a home. No tree ever goes to waste – and if there is one thing our Hamptons Christmas tree farmers hate to waste – it is Christmas trees.

"Christmas with CHARACTER" is our mission, which means we do more than just offer Christmas tree delivery in the Hamptons. We also partner with local Christmas tree farmers who care about upholding sustainable growing practices. When you order a tree with Walddie, you can feel good about your purchase. The Walddie Christmas tree farmers have worked to provide our customers with tree care information to help ensure your tree arrives fresh and stays fresh throughout the entire holiday season.

The most convenient way to order a tree

Sustainability is an important consideration when shopping for a Hamptons Christmas tree, but it isn’t the only thing you should consider. Convenience is important to consider too!

When you purchase a tree from a vendor, you’re responsible for getting it home. That can be quite a hassle, and it can cause some unnecessary headaches. Not to mention, you could get your tree home and realize that you picked the wrong one as your carpet becomes littered with needles just days after getting it set up.

Now, imagine placing your order online and having our Hamptons Christmas tree delivery service deliver your tree straight to your door for free! We’ll make sure you get a freshly cut tree, and we can eliminate all the hassle that comes with loading and unloading a tree. And Walddie Christmas tree delivery agents will even deliver to your walk-up apartment. There is nothing like bringing a fresh Christmas tree into your home and enjoying that alluring pine tree smell.

Buy Hamptons Christmas Trees Online from Walddie

Ordering a tree online couldn’t be easier or more ethical. Just give us a call or fill out our online form to order your Christmas tree today! And to find help about which tree variety might fit your needs the best, visit our Christmas tree variety section where we cover all the varieties offered by Walddie farms.