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Finding Christmas Trees in Baltimore

For the holiday season, don’t go to a big box store and pick out a fake Christmas tree; it’s important to you and your family that you have a live tree as the centerpiece of your home holiday décor. The scent of the pine and the perfect imperfections of having a live tree make the Christmas season even better.

But of course, it may be too difficult for you to drive out to a tree farm, pick out a tree, drag it all the way back home and set it up yourself. The holidays are busy, and although you want a live Christmas tree in your home in Baltimore, it seems that it will not be feasible.

But that’s where Walddie’s Baltimore Christmas tree delivery service comes in. At Walddie, we partner with trusted and reliable Christmas tree farmers in the Baltimore area to offer high-quality, fresh, and live trees. Sustainability is important to us, so we source from farms that practice sustainable Christmas tree-growing practices. When you order a christmas tree online with us, you can feel good about where your holiday funds are going.

We only cut the trees after they have been ordered, guaranteeing you a fresh and pristine tree once it’s delivered to your door.

Ordering Your Baltimore Christmas Tree

The process of ordering Christmas trees in Baltimore through Walddie is simple. Enter your zip code and choose from a farmer in your area. Peruse the species of trees available and then enter the specific height that you want. You can pick a live Christmas tree that is as short as 5 feet, or as tall as 9 feet. Then the tree is cut and delivered to your door! There’s no reason not to use Walddie’s Baltimore Christmas tree delivery service. Better yet, delivery is always free!

We like to go the extra mile for our customers, so we also offer a White Glove service. When you opt-in for this exciting add-on, our delivery person will not only bring your Baltimore Christmas tree to your door, but they will also bring it in and help you set it up in a beautiful tree stand. All you have to do is start decorating with ornaments!

Order your Live Christmas Tree Online

Ordering a tree online couldn’t be easier with Walddie’s Christmas tree delivery in Baltimore. We also offer Christmas tree care instructions to ensure your tree is vibrant and healthy through the holidays. Furthermore, if you’re having trouble deciding which species to go with, check out our Christmas tree variety guide to help you determine which tree is best for your home and needs.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Baltimore Christmas tree delivery services, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us to let us know what we can help you with! Happy holidays!

Convenient Christmas Tree Delivery Service in Baltimore

Our delivery service ensures that your tree is handled gently and brought to you in tip-top condition. To start your convenient Christmas tree delivery in Baltimore, order online with Walddie.

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