Brooklyn Christmas Tree Delivery

Choose the Perfect Brooklyn Christmas Tree Without Leaving Home

There’s no doubt that getting out of the house with your family and choosing the perfect Brooklyn Christmas tree can create memories that last a lifetime, but not all of us are lucky to have that kind of free time. Not to mention, you have to figure out how you’re going to get it home in between the many other important and time-consuming Christmas season tasks.

Because it’s more convenient, many families have resorted to plastic Christmas trees that can be pulled out of a closet, but we don’t think that’s any way to celebrate the season. We understand that for some families Christmas just isn’t the same without fresh cut Christmas tree; that’s why we do things differently at Walddie.

Buy a Christmas tree in Brooklyn online

You don’t have to sacrifice that alluring piney smell because you can’t make it down to the tree lot in time for Christmas. At Walddie, you can buy a Christmas tree in Brooklyn online! Remember, a Brooklyn Christmas tree is locally grown by farmers that are serious about providing fresh Christmas trees. Not only does this make sense for you as a customer but this also helps to ensure that no trees are needlessly cut down.

It all starts by searching our database of farmers. Once you’ve found a farmer in your area, you can tell us exactly what kind of tree you want. Depending on the farmers that are available in your area, you may be able to choose the species of tree you want, and you can specify the correct height. Don’t forget to check the Walddie species section to help you decide on the perfect tree.

Free delivery on your schedule

Christmas trees in Brooklyn are a nightmare to get home. That’s why we pair our Christmas tree selection services with free delivery, and we do it all on your schedule. If you decide to order and receive a Christmas tree delivery in Brooklyn don’t forget to learn how to best take care of your tree. We have all the information you need available in our Care Section; including how and how often to water your tree.

When you’re ready to place your order online, we’ll ask you when you’d like to have your tree delivered. Simply provide us with a date and times that work best for you. That way, you can ensure your home to receive your tree without modifying your busy schedule.

Experience the Walddie difference

No one does Christmas tree delivery in Brooklyn like Walddie. We would go as far as to say that no one does Christmas trees in Brooklyn like Walddie does.

Our trees are cut to order, ensuring you get the freshest tree possible. Our friendly delivery crew can even set your tree up for you with our white glove service!

Experience the Walddie difference this holiday season and contact us about ordering your Christmas tree online!