Find the Best Places to Buy Real Christmas Trees With These 3 Tips

August 30, 2017

Where can I buy a real Christmas tree ?

That’s a great question!

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of options, but some options are better than others. Here are three tips that will help you figure out where to buy real Christmas trees in your area.

1. Go directly to a tree farmer

It’s always best to go directly to a tree farmer whenever possible. They offer a wide variety of tree types and sizes that will have all been freshly cut.

Another benefit of choosing a Christmas tree farmer is that they’re usually cheaper. Because you cut out the middle man, you can get your tree for less. You can even find tree delivery services like Walddie that partner with tree farmers in your area, so finding one is easier than ever.

2. Visit a greenhouse

If you can’t figure out where to buy a real Christmas tree because you can’t find a tree farmer in your area, your next best place to stop is the greenhouse. Most greenhouses partner with farmers to provide a wide selection of high-quality trees.

In addition, greenhouses know how to take care of cut trees, and they know when a tree has gone bad. You won’t have to worry about your tree dying as soon as you bring it home when you choose a greenhouse. For great information and tips on taking care of your tree, you can also visit the Walddie Tree Care Section!

3. Choose an environmentally-friendly tree

Whether you go straight to the tree farmer, stop by a greenhouse, or shop for your live tree at a big box store, you should make sure you think as green as the branches on that Christmas tree.

Figuring out where to get a real Christmas tree online can be a real hassle, but it doesn’t have to be! Follow these tips and you can find the best live tree at the best price. You can even learn how to get a tree delivered straight to your door! Just contact Walddie today and we’ll deliver your tree for free!