Real vs. Fake Christmas Trees: Which is Better

November 04, 2022

Christmas trees are a beloved holiday tradition across the United States and around the world. Putting up a tree is a beloved memory, and it is the process of decorating the tree and celebrating around it that makes Christmas trees such special parts of Christmas celebrations. Christmas trees symbolize the season and are a lot of fun to decorate, but they come in many forms. Whether you are used to a real tree or a fake tree, you know that all trees are not created equally.

What are the Benefits of a Real Christmas Tree?

There are many qualities that make a real Christmas tree so appealing.


There’s something extra charming about having a real tree in your house.


2019 research by the Christmas Tree Promotion Board suggests that parents were more likely to want to create traditions for their families when they preferred real trees over artificial trees. This study shows how tradition is closely linked to real trees. Thus, those who like tradition might prefer a real tree.

Extra Special

Taking the time and energy to get a real tree feels extra special.


You can’t get the evergreen fragrance from fake trees!


While artificial trees end up in landfills, your real tree can be made into wood chips and used for composting.


A real tree is natural, and for many people, having a tree that comes from the earth is important.

Support Local Farms

Instead of supporting a big box store, you can support a local farm!

What are the Cons of a Real Tree?

While there are many benefits to real trees, there are some reasons people won’t want to have them.


All those needles and the sap can make a mess.


Some people are allergic to real trees or dislike their scent of them.

Yearly Expense

Each year you have to buy a new artificial.

Require Maintenance

Real trees must be watered, so they will require more maintenance than artificial trees. This upkeep can be hard for busy people to manage.

What are the Benefits of an Artificial Tree?

Many good qualities make artificial trees appealing.

One Time Payment

Once you pay for your artificial tree, you can use it for several years, which seems more economical for many people on strict budgets.


You can reuse a fake tree for many years, depending on how they hold up.

Little Mess

There’s little mess to clean up when you have an artificial tree.

More Creative Options

Fake trees come in all kinds of colors that natural trees cannot have, so if you’re looking for something a little untraditional, a fake tree may be the answer.

Fire Resistant Materials

Some people feel more comfortable with artificial trees because they are made of fire-resistant materials; however, a real tree will be as safe as possible if you take appropriate safety measures and don’t leave it on while you are away from your home.

Low Maintenance

There’s not much to maintain with fake trees. You just put them together and decorate them. With a little fluffing, your artificial tree is ready to go.

What are the Cons of Having a Fake Christmas Tree?

There are some ways that fake trees cannot compare to real ones.

Can Look Cheap

Fake trees can look cheap, which can ruin the aesthetic you want to create. However, some of the more expensive trees look more realistic than cheaper versions.

Ends Up in a Landfill

No matter what, your fake tree will end up in the landfill because they all become unusable eventually, so the environmental impact is something you should consider when buying a tree.

You Have to Store It

If you’re short on storage space, it may be hard to make room for the tree when it’s not being used at Christmastime.

Bigger Initial Investment

While the price of trees varies, on average, the average price of a store-bought fake tree is more expensive than the average price of a real tree. While this investment can be worthwhile, you will have to pay more the first year, and depending on the quality of the tree, you may have to replace it sooner than you would like. Some fake trees are fairly inexpensive, while others are hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Are Real Trees Better Than Artificial?

The real Christmas trees vs. fake Christmas trees debate has raged for quite some time, and each side has enthusiastic supporters.

The answer to this question isn’t as simple as yes or no. There are many pros and cons of real vs. fake Christmas trees. While no tree is necessarily better, they all have different functions and roles in people’s lives. The right tree choice for one person will not always be the right choice for another person.

Some households even have multiple trees, some being real and some being fake! Therefore, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate Christmas, and either kind of tree can have a stunning effect.

With that in mind, at Walddie, we tend to favor real Christmas trees because we know how refreshing and special they can be to have in your house. While we have a bias, we know there are good reasons for either choice.

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