Buying a Christmas Tree in NYC—Make Bringing Home a Live Tree Easier With These Tips

August 28, 2017

Nothing beats the sight, smell, and feel of a real conifer at Christmas time, but getting into the spirit of the season with a live tree is no easy task. Especially in a large city like New York City.

First, you have to figure out where to buy a Christmas tree in NYC. Then, you have to figure out how to get it home!

Ditch that fake Christmas tree and enjoy the real thing with these tips that will make it easier than ever to bring home a live tree.

Have your tree delivered

You don’t have to wonder where to buy Christmas trees in NYC when you go with a tree delivery service like Walddie!

Instead of lugging the tree home yourself, we’ll deliver it straight to your door! Not only is it convenient, you can also feel good about your purchase because we only cut down trees as they’re ordered, eliminating tree waste that’s common with other providers during the holiday season. Christmas tree delivery

Rent a truck

If you want the pleasure of picking out your own tree, and you know where to buy a Christmas tree, NYC can make it nearly impossible to get that tree home, especially if you don’t have a car.

The solution is to rent a truck.

Many rental companies will allow you to rent a truck by the hour, enabling you to pick out your very own tree and get it home quickly.

Opt for greenery instead of a full-sized tree

Sometimes, buying a fully-grown Christmas tree just isn’t an option. Don’t think you have to settle for fake plastic greenery. You can make your home festive with live greenery instead!

Many tree lots and local vendors will set out live wreaths during the holiday season. They’re much easier to transport on a bus or in a cab, but they’ll still provide you with the pleasant aroma you associate with a freshly cut tree. Buy Real Christmas Tree Online

Want to learn more about where to buy a Christmas tree in NYC? Or maybe you’re ready to have your very own tree delivered? Give Walddie a call today and we’ll make all your Christmas tree wishes come true!