It's All in the Details When It Comes to Picking the Best Christmas Tree

October 03, 2017

Tis' the season for the perfect Christmas tree! Fortunately, there is no shortage of where to buy Christmas trees in NYC. You can even have your tree delivered with a Christmas tree delivery service NYC like Walddie!

However, there’s a lot more to getting a Christmas tree than just figuring out where to get it. You have to look carefully at the tree itself. Here are a few details that are often overlooked, but paying close attention to them will help you pick the best Christmas tree.

Take a close look at the needles

When many people look over a Christmas tree, they look to see how even the branches are around the tree. You definitely don’t want an empty hole in your Christmas tree that no ornament can fill, but you have to take a closer look at the needles.

Grab a branch and pull on the needles. If the needles fall off the branch, you should choose a different tree. It’s also a good idea to give the tree itself a good shake to see if any needles come loose. You don’t want them all over your floor before Christmas even arrives!

Look for even coloration

When searching for where to buy a Christmas tree, NYC has many options, but not all of them offer fresh trees. One way to tell if you’ve found a fresh one is to look at the coloration.

Fresh, live trees will have even coloration among all the branches. If some areas look dull, gray, or even brown, move onto another tree.

Pay attention to the trunk

Many people overlook the trunk because you aren’t going to see it when the tree is propped up in your home. That’s a mistake. It’s the trunk that makes your tree look its best!

Look for a tree with a straight cut. Avoid trees with bark that has been stripped away in order to get it to fit into the stand. Ask to have the tree freshly cut before you take it home to maximize water absorption.

If you’re looking for the best tree, Walddie will find it for you! Contact us today to learn how we can help you figure out where to buy Christmas trees in NYC by delivering one to your door!