Getting Rid Of Your Christmas Tree in NYC After Date

December 05, 2022

When the Christmas rush is through, you have to deal with all the sobering post-Christmas tasks, such as taking down all your decorations. Many people ask, “How do I dispose of a Christmas tree in NYC” because they aren’t sure what in the world they can possibly do with it. The thought of having to lug it out of the house can be overwhelming for many people. The good news is that getting rid of your Christmas tree in New York doesn’t have to be as bad as you may expect.

How to Dispose of Your Old Christmas Tree in NYC

There are many answers to how To get rid of your Christmas tree in NYC, but not all of them are as appealing as some of the others. Some require more effort, while others will require a financial investment. However, there’s a choice for you no matter your situation.


You can take your tree to be recycled. In New York, you can deliver your tree to places such as Mulchfest locations, and your tree will then be used for mulch. You can even take mulch home with you.

Curbside Pick-up By Sanitation Department

The most common options people use is to put their trees out for pick-up. While for small trees, you can just put the tree on the curb, for larger trees than four feet, you’ll want to schedule a bulk pick-up appointment.

The sanitation department will pick up your tree curbside, and the tree can be used for mulch or compost for landscaping in the city.

If you wait until after the disposal date, which is usually the first week or two in January, you will no longer be able to set your tree out for pick up by the sanitation department.

Tree Pick-Up Services

For a fee, you can save yourself some of the hardship of dealing with your tree and have it out of the way. These services are also applicable beyond the dates offered by the city. These services mean you don’t have to lug your tree to the curb or take it to another location. They are convenient and useful for many kinds of people who have busy lives or physical limitations.

These services offer the utmost convenience. For those who have large trees especially, tree removal services can lift a huge weight from your shoulders. These pick-up services are also part of certain Walddie packages.

You can also remove artificial trees by setting them out with your trash.

Tips for Removing Your Tree

Keep the following in mind to make the best of your tree removal experience and save yourself some of the hardship that can happen when removing a tree.

Take Everything Off the Tree

If you want your tree to be picked up, no matter which choice you choose, you always have to take all ornaments and lights off your tree. Most people do this anyway because they want to preserve their decorations, but there are times when people leave these things on, and the tree cannot be disposed of properly or sustainably. You’ll also want to remove your tree from the tree stand unless you are using a tree removal service that will remove the tree from the stand for you.

Do Not Put Your Tree in a Bag

While it’s useful to use a plastic bag to lug the tree out of your home, you should take your tree out before you place it on the curb. The sanitation department will not take it and recycle it if it is placed on the curb in a bag.

Don’t Burn It in a Fireplace

Many people are tempted to burn their trees in the fireplace, but this technique is not advised, and simply throwing pieces of the tree into the fireplace can lead to fires. It may seem like it’s just any other wood, but Christmas trees have flammable oils. Burning trees also puts carbon into the atmosphere.

Don’t Fear Tree Removal

If you’ve ever chosen an artificial tree over a real tree, it’s likely because getting rid of a Christmas tree can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Especially in NYC, getting rid of a tree can seem impossible, which can cause you to settle for an artificial tree. It’s time to embrace the magic of a real tree and realize that it doesn’t have to be that terrible to remove a real tree.

There’s no reason to fear tree removal. With a range of options, you never have to worry about not being able to get rid of your tree. You don’t even have to put in a lot of heavy lifting or labor to get rid of your tree. It’s always sad to see the end of the holiday season, but the end of the season doesn’t mean you have to have nightmares about getting rid of your tree.