Farms That Will Deliver Your Christmas Tree Directly to Your Door

November 01, 2017

If you’ve never looked into a Christmas tree delivery service, you may have thought it takes all the fun out of getting a Christmas tree. Here at Walddie, we beg to differ. Instead, we think it’s the very best way to get your Christmas tree!

Ordering a Christmas tree online actually has many benefits that surprise first-time Christmas tree delivery customers. Here are a few of our favorites that we love sharing with our clients.

You can select the exact tree you want

When most people are initially reluctant to opt for a real Christmas tree delivery, it’s because they think they can’t select the exact tree they want. After all, you can go down to your local vendor and hand-pick the tree that’s best for your home.

The truth is, you are able to order the exact tree you want when you order online. Not only do you get to pick the size of the tree, you also get to pick the species. And because the tree is cut fresh, it will look like it did when it was delivered for much longer than a tree the lot.

You’ll get the freshest, most sustainable tree possible

Many people are turning to synthetic Christmas trees because of environmental concerns. After all, just think about all the live trees that are cut every year and are dumped because no one brings them home!

Nothing is more sustainable than a Christmas tree that’s delivered to your door. That’s because it is cut to order. No trees are cut unless they’re being delivered, which drastically cuts back on the tree waste that’s prevalent throughout the holiday season. Real christmas trees for sale

Walddie goes above and beyond in this department. Not only do we cut our trees to order, we also partner with local growers in your area who are committed to sustainability.

Sold on the idea of having your Christmas tree delivered? To learn more about the ordering process, or to schedule your Christmas tree delivery, contact us today!