Christmas Tree Removal NYC

December 19, 2022

The holiday season is bright, cheerful, and full of festivities. Putting up a Christmas tree and decorating is one of the highlights of the season. Having a real tree is an enriching experience and allows you to have the fresh scent of pine in your house.

While artificial trees are designed to look beautiful and similar to real trees, it’s hard to encapsulate the majestic beauty of a real tree. Nevertheless, there are several reasons why people choose artificial trees over real ones.

While in many places, putting a tree out to the curb can be an easy way to get rid of old Christmas trees, in NYC, that process isn’t always as easy due to the additional logistical issues that come with living in the city. Christmas tree removal in NYC isn’t easy, but it is well worth the chance to have a freshly cut Christmas tree in your house.

When’s the Last Day to Remove a Christmas Tree in NYC

The last day to remove a Christmas tree depends on the specific year, but generally speaking, New York will offer curbside tree removal during the first two weeks of the new year. Additionally, there are other opportunities to remove trees beyond these pickup times, depending on what options you choose.

Curbside Removal

Curbside removal is one of the most popular methods for getting rid of a tree because it is often more convenient than some of the other methods, and it is a service offered by the city.

For trees taller than four feet, you should call in advance to arrange a pickup time for your tree when using this method.

If you leave your tree on the curb beyond these dates, the tree will be collected as garbage.

Make sure that all the lights and ornaments are taken off. If anything is left on the tree, it’s going to end up in the garbage.

Plastic bags can be used to transport the tree to the curb, but if you leave it on the curb, make sure you take it out of any plastic bags. For trees that are larger than four feet, you should call ahead about bulk removal.


MulchFest is an event held at NYC Parks to recycle Christmas trees. You can have your tree made into mulch and use it for plants, or you can let the city use it for compost. MulchFest generally occurs in late December and early January. In 2021, over 29,000 trees were recycled in NYC. You can choose from several chipping sites.

Avoid Letting Your Tree End Up in a Landfill

Ideally, you don’t want the tree to end up in a landfill. While you may think that a tree can’t do that much harm in a landfill because it will just decompose, that’s not the case. There’s no air in landfills to further the decomposition process because everything is so compacted. The tree will begin to release methane as it decomposes. Thus, it’s much better for the environment when you make sure your tree is being recycled.

Avoid Tree Burning

Because trees have creosote, burning Christmas trees can lead to fires due to high flammability. Additionally, needles and sap tend to pop and explode when they are set on fire. Thus, it’s better to choose other options when disposing of your tree.

What About Artificial Trees?

If you have an artificial tree you need to get rid of, you may be wondering if there are options available to you, beyond just throwing the tree in the garbage. There are also options if you want to get rid of an artificial tree. Through donateNYC, you can donate old artificial trees that can be given new homes. Furthermore, you can take the parts of the tree and recycle them. These trees can also be set out on garbage days to be picked up. For large artificial trees taller than four feet, you should call in advance.

We Can Help You Remove Your Tree

Not everyone has the ability to remove their own tree. It can often be hard to get a tree in and out of New York housing. Moving the tree itself is the main obstacle, but it can also be stressful to deal with losing needles in common areas of the building and knowing how to best get rid of the tree.

However, when you have a professional removing your tree, you know that you will get the outcomes, and we can make sure that the process is as clean and easy as possible.

Sustainability is a major part of our business model, so we also make sure that we get rid of trees responsibly because we don’t want them to end up in landfills. Walddie strives to be sustainable in all steps of delivering Christmas trees.

Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns about our tree removal.