How Do I Know I’m Buying a High-Quality Christmas Tree if it’s Getting Delivered?

December 06, 2018

A Christmas tree symbolizes joy, heightened spirits and fertility. The tree is full of life and exhibits its longevity through branches that blossom indoors. Much like a twinkling star, a Christmas tree provides light and represents the nature of generosity.

During the holiday season, there are countless tasks that need to be accomplished. Instead of fighting long lines at tree lots or trekking through the elements at your local farm to find your Christmas centerpiece, choose Walddie to have the most important holiday decoration delivered to your door.

Walddie’s fresh Christmas tree delivery service ensures that the tree is of the highest standards and also maintains its longevity. We cut your tree only after your order is placed to maximize its freshness. This quick turnaround time reduces the product’s waiting time and guarantees the delivery of a well-tended tree.

Our fresh Christmas tree delivery system is rather simple and can be completed without ever leaving your home! With our dependable service, we expedite the tree buying process for you in a series of basic steps.

At Walddie, we partner with trusted and reliable Christmas tree farmers to offer high-quality, fresh, and live trees. Sustainability is important to us, so we source from farms that practice sustainable Christmas tree growing practices. When you order a tree with us, you can feel good about where your holiday funds are going.

You can reserve the best quality tree and delivery date to fit your needs. Our team will find, cut, prepare, deliver, decorate and set up your tree so that you can receive the utmost enjoyment during the holiday season. The types of sustainable trees that we offer are the Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, Balsam Fir, White Spruce, and Virginia Pine.

The Fraser Fir has strong branches that turn slightly upward with dense foliage. It is uniformly pyramid shaped with good form, needle retention and a pleasant scent.

The Scotch Pine has bright green branches that are stiff with a variety of soils. This tree is long lasting with excellent needle retention.

The Douglas Fir extends its branches in all directions. It comes in a conial shape with dark blue or green colored branches.

The Balsam Fir is a sturdy, lush and dark green colored tree. It has an attractive form with a pyramidal crown, robust fragrance and slender spire top.

The White Spruce has short and stiff bluish green needles that retain freshness well.

The Virginia Pine has stout, short and stiff twisted needles. It is bluish green and responds well to trimming. With a crown of long-spreading, gnarled and intertwined branches, it provides a fine texture.

Our mission is to offer the freshest, finest quality, locally grown Christmas trees. We promise to provide an easy, convenient and uncomplicated customer experience for the holidays. We are committed to business practices that improve our customers, our farmers, our environment, and our Walddie team. We call our mission "Christmas with CHARACTER.” Walddie is the most wonderful place to buy a Christmas tree online.

The holidays are a busy time for everyone involved. Let us relieve you of some of the stress that comes with the season by bringing a high-quality, locally sourced Christmas tree directly to your home.