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The Best Place to Buy Real Christmas Tree Isn't Really a Place at All

Searching for the best place to buy a Christmas tree? Your search starts and ends online at

We make bringing home a Christmas tree easy. Instead of searching dozens of real Christmas trees for sale, hoping to find one that’s actually fresh and hauling it home, we’ll deliver the freshest tree possible straight to your door.

That’s because we partner with local growers, and we only cut down Christmas trees as orders are placed. Your Christmas tree is cut down just days before it is delivered to your door, not weeks, as is usually the case when you shop with local vendors. The local Christmas tree farmers who partner with Walddie are serious about growing and delivering only the healthiest and freshest trees possible. Our farmer hand selects your tree based on the requirements you choose, and this is one of the main reasons that Walddie is the best place to buy a Christmas tree online! Before you decide which tree would make your season a season to remember, visit our learning center to read about what each variety has to offer. Christmas tree delivery service.

Cutting down Christmas trees this way has another benefit—it’s sustainable.

Every year, thousands of trees go without a home, which means they’re being needlessly harvested, not given a home, and then wasted. Not only is that bad for business, it’s bad for the environment. We never cut down a tree that doesn’t already have a home, which means we never waste a single tree. You will not find piles of trees pushed to the back of the lot like those tree shops, or will you find the needles falling off your tree the minute you bring it home. So, in addition to Walddie being the best place to buy a Christmas tree – it is also the “greenest”! Learn more about our recommendations on taking care of your tree by visiting our care center.

Walddie is the Best Place to Buy a Real Christmas Tree Online

We think you’ll agree that Walddie really is the best place to buy a Christmas tree, so we want to make it easy for you to get your first tree home and setup. That’s why we offer free shipping! The skilled delivery experts at Walddie can deliver your Christmas tree to single homes, apartment walk-ups, and even hospitals or schools. Remember, after searching for a real Christmas tree for sale, and finding one online to be delivered, you get the benefit of that fresh cut tree smell to enjoy! Nothing says Christmas like having your home permeated with the smell of a fresh cut Fraser Fir, Scotch Pine, Douglas Fir, or White Spruce.

To learn more about our mission or about our selection process, contact us today and speak with one of our Christmas tree experts. You can also find us on Instagram to see some of our amazing trees that have found homes. Whether this is your first real Christmas tree or your tenth, Walddie will help make this a season to remember.