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We are looking for like-minded, lifestyle and environmental related websites, blogs and social networking groups to join our rewarding affiliate program! We need your help to get the word out about our great service.

Joining is free and easy, and as a member of our program, you will earn above average commissions when your visitors purchase a Christmas Tree from Walddie. It's win-win.

Benefits of promoting Walddie


Free and easy to join

We take each application into consideration and try to respond to all applications within 1 day.


Special Rates

Due to the condenced nature and high volume of trees that can be sold, we give affliates with highly successful campaign preferential rates.


Excellent Incentives

We provide both generous base and tiered commissions fee structures.



We want to make your campaign successful, therefore we accept a range of promotional methods and affiliates. Not only do we provide flexibility, we give you unique voucher codes and cookies that last the entire Christmas season.



With the support of our Walddie Marketing team, we will help you make your campaign a success.

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Walddie is a US e-commerce start-up that's changing the way people purchase and receive Christmas tree. We believe strongly in offering our customers beautiful, fresh cut Christmas tree without all the hassle or expense of getting a fresh tree themselves. Our trees are so fresh, that it's as if you've gone and cut it them down yourself.

Our service sources fresh cut trees from local farmers. By buying on demand from a local farm, and we not only reduce the distance a tree has to travel, we also reduce waste by better matching supply and demand. We are disrupting the traditional way of purchasing a Christmas tree, as our trees arent' cut down without knowing they have a home for the holidays.

We believe our service is great for customers, great for farmers, and a much better solution for the environment. We guarantee customer satisfaction with every order.