About Us

The best way to buy a locally grown Christmas Tree!

Our Mission:

Our mission is to offer the freshest, finest quality, locally grown Christmas trees. We promise to provide an easy, convenient and uncomplicated customer experience for the holidays. We are committed to business practices that improve our customers, our farmers, our environment, and our Walddie team. We call our mission "Christmas with CHARACTER"

Why Walddie

Why cut down a tree unnecessarily? Why purchase your tree from a lot? Why face the challenge of dragging your tree home, only to have it dry out? Why not eliminate all of this headache and find a better way to buy a Christmas tree.


Welcome to Walddie, where we are changing the way you buy real Christmas tree and we’re doing it one CUT tree at a time. 

The holidays are busy enough, and we aim to make it just a little bit easier by providing you a better way to purchase your favorite Christmas tree from local farmers, and from the comfort of your own home.

Quality, fresh, Christmas trees from local sustainable farmers...who says you can’t have it all.

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