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Four Simple Steps to Your Perfect Live Christmas Tree

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Live Christmas Tree Delivery Service

Choose a Christmas tree delivery date that suits your schedule. Your Christmas tree is cut fresh, guaranteed


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Your real Christmas trees delivered to your door, Merry Christmas!

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Find Quality Christmas Tree Online


We work exclusively with the best Christmas tree farmers and hand-pick every single tree.

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At Walddie, we cut your Christmas tree to order, preventing any unnecessary cut downs.

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There are beautiful Christmas tree farms in your area. Find your locally grown Christmas tree with Walddie.

Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Delivery


We promise that your Christmas tree will be cut within days prior to delivery, and therefore will be delivered fresh.

Live Christmas Tree Delivery Service


With our simple online order process, and free Christmas tree delivery, it could not be easier to receive your Christmas tree in a matter of days.

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Quality Christmas Tree

We can't wait to share our Christmas trees with you this holiday season!

Let us help you find your locally grown real Christmas tree online.
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Order a Christmas tree online

It could not be easier and more practical to buy a regionally grown, fresh, high quality Christmas tree online. Ordering a real Christmas tree with Walddie allows you to enjoy the convenience of purchasing your tree from the comfort of your home (or on the go from your mobile device), from local farmers without sacrificing quality.

Why battle the crowds during the busy Christmas season only to end up at the corner lot with minimal variety and low quality trees that no one properly cared for?  Not to mention, alas you find a real Christmas tree that isn’t completely misshaped and now you have to figure out how to get the tree either into the car without creating a mess or on top of the car without scratching it.  All the while, you could have saved yourself a headache and loads of time, by ordering your fresh Christmas tree online with Walddie.

After you add your real Christmas tree to your cart, with our fast and easy payment system, we provide you the option to choose your desired Christmas tree delivery date and we deliver your Christmas tree to your front door.


How Ordering a Real Christmas Tree Online Works

We’re a little biased here at Walddie. We believe the best way to buy a tree is to order your fresh live Christmas tree online. It’s sustainable, it’s convenient, and it ensures you get the freshest live Christmas tree delivery possible. Delivery is even free. What’s not to love about our Christmas tree delivery service! We have partnered with farmers who are serious about their Christmas trees and created a system that ensures your tree arrives right after being cut!

Live Christmas Trees Delivered to Your Door

We have created our Christmas tree delivery service to ensure you get the perfect tree for your home, office, school or hospital. It does help to understand the ordering process, and here at Walddie we make it unbelievably easy to place your Christmas trees order online in just minutes.

1. Search our farmers 2. Click on the farmer you’re most interested in 3. Select a species if there are multiple options 4. Select the height of your tree 5. Add your tree to your cart

Pick the Best Live Christmas Tree Species to Order Online

Our live Christmas tree delivery service only partners with local farmers. This allows us to reduce travel time, which in turn means you’ll receive a freshly cut tree. It allows us to make sure we choose the most sustainable farms, and it allows us to cut back on tree waste. Here we discuss some of the most important facts about each of our offered tree varieties. Some of the varieties you can choose from when you decide to order a Christmas tree online include:

1. Fraser Fir 2. Douglas Fir 3. Balsam Fir 4. White Spruce 5. Virginia Pine

Easy Checkout Process to Order Christmas Tree Online

The checkout process is easy too. Simply provide us with a delivery date and a delivery time so we can ensure you’ll be at home to receive your tree. And do not be concerned with the location of your home, if your zip code is a match we can get there! Our specialized team of delivery agents is capable of delivering to high-rises, apartment walk-ups, and even hospitals. With our white glove service, we’ll even set up your tree for you! Why go through the hassle of arranging your Christmas tree in the stand when Walddie delivery agents can do it in a snap.

Because our business is built around relationships with farmers we know and trust we are limited in some locations. If you can’t find a farmer in your area, make sure you check back often. We’ll be adding quality Christmas tree delivery farmers to our database as we expand and grow throughout the Christmas season and beyond! Our goal is to provide live Christmas tree delivery to as many people close to our farms as possible! Please feel free to reach out to a Walddie representative through our contact page, and consider finding Walddie on Instagram to learn more.


Best Christmas Tree Delivery Service in your Area

We provide free Christmas tree delivery service. At Walddie, we promise to provide an easy, convenient and uncomplicated customer experience for the holidays. Your real and fresh cut Christmas tree delivered to your door at your schedule delivery date.

Guaranteed Fresh Cut Christmas Trees Delivered to Your Door

Our main objective is to guarantee all customers who buy Christmas trees online with Walddie, high quality products, outstanding customer service and a sustainably grown Christmas tree delivered fresh. By ordering a real Christmas tree online with Walddie, you will receive a local tree in a convenient way.

Our quality is built on our unique service of sustainable growth and regional located Christmas tree farmers, who have been in the farming business for years.

Buy your Christmas tree today to reserve only the best and most beautiful trees only Walddie offers. With our live Christmas tree delivery service, you get to choose your delivery date based on YOUR schedule. We will then cut your Christmas tree to order, only days before our Walddie delivery service brings your tree with love and care to your front door FREE of charge.

We call our mission“Christmas with CHARACTER”